Uber den Künstler

Ernst Moritz Geyger was a German sculptor, medallist, painter and etcher born in Rixdorf in 1861. He is considered a representative of the Berlin sculptor school. In 1877 he started his artistic career at the art school in Berlin at the age of sixteen he started at the Academy of Art in Berlin. He was a pupil of Paul Thumann, Otto Knille, Max Michael and Paul Meyerheim. After graduating he devoted himself to graphics and paintings. From 1886 painting did not gave him satisfaction anymore and he changed to etching and engraving without any education.
He travelled a lot to Florence and Berlin. In 1893 he became a professor at the Dresden University, but he left after five months. In 1895 he moved to Florence where he joined the workshop of the Medici Villa of Marignolle.
Only a few days before his death in 1941 Geyger received the Goethe medal for art and science